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Chiropractic Discount Card Program

Like you, more people are realizing the benefits of chiropractic care. Unfortunately, as the cost of health insurance continues to rise, many health insurance plans have increased the co-payments and deductibles you pay when you visit your physician. Coupled with this, many health insurance plans have little or no chiropractic coverage resulting in a higher out-of-pocket cost to you when you visit your chiropractic physician. acclaim! was created by the Kansas Chiropractic Foundation (KCF) and the Oklahoma State Chiropractic Independent Physicians Association (OSCIPA) as a way for your chiropractic physician to offer you savings through a medical discount card.

The acclaim! card gives you, and all of your family members residing in the same household, immediate savings by simply presenting the card to your personal participating chiropractic physician.

Discounts and Availability

acclaim! is not insurance and cannot be used in conjunction with your traditional insurance plans. However, if you do not have health insurance, or your benefits do not include or severely limit chiropractic care, the acclaim! card offers significant discounts to you and your family. Each time you or your immediate family member visits your personal participating chiropractic physician, you receive a 25% savings on all in-office chiropractic health, diagnostic, and x-ray services.Your savings can exceed hundreds of dollars each year! Certain supply items may not apply. See your personal chiropractic physician for details. There are no claim forms to submit and preexisting conditions won't affect your discount.

How it works:

You can begin saving immediately with acclaim! by completing the attached enrollment form. Return it, along with your payment, to your chiropractic physician. This card is not transferable to other chiropractic physicians. The discount card is valid for one year with annual renewal notices to continue these savings. Simply present your acclaim! card to your chiropractic physician and you will receive a 25% discount on all in-office chiropractic health, diagnostic, and xray services. The discount is applied to the office's usual charges. These are the same charges that

your chiropractor submits to insurance companies for all of their insured patients. Through your acclaim! card, you receive a similar discount that insured patients receive. For any questions, contact our customer service during normal business hours (central time zone) at 918-641-0444 or visit us on the internet at Once you have enrolled, your discount will be deducted when you pay for each office visit. Just present your acclaim! card. It's that easy!

An example of your annual savings:


Regular Expense



12 Visits




Initial Exam








Program Benefits:

a. acclaim! allows you and your family a 25% discount on all in-office chiropractic services by your primary chiropractor. There are no forms to complete, no medical limitations and no waiting for discounts.
b. The $30.00 annual fee covers your entire family. Family is defined as any relatives sharing the same household.
c. Enrollment in this medical savings plan is as simple as completing the attached enrollment form, including a check or money order for $30.00, and asking your chiropractor to mail it.
d. Your membership card(s) will be mailed to your home address within 15 working days!

How to enroll:

Enrollment is simple. Complete the enrollment form (click here for pdf) and give the completed application to your chiropractor with your payment. You may receive your discount immediately on this visit! Your membership card(s) will arrive in approximately 15 business days.

For more information:
c/o Kansas Chiropractic Foundation
5350 E. 46th Street
Suite 122
Tulsa , OK 7413

Phone: 918-641-0444
Fax: 918-641-0665